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Design & Retrofit

Mechanical Design & Retrofit

Pacific West Industries specializes in the design and engineering of air conditioning mechanical and control systems. Retrofit systems can be developed within pre-established specifications, or completely new designs can be developed from the start. We design and build specifications for any job, from small business renovations to large industrial or commercial facilities.

Our team will conduct a comprehensive site survey to determine your air conditioning and control needs, and then design an efficient, cost-effective system for your facility that conserves energy, reduces operating costs and optimizes indoor air quality. Installation is completed by the most qualified professionals in the industry. With certified technicians and installers, as well as professionally trained staff, we are able to provide service that meets and exceed all expectations.

We also provide a complete range of preventative maintenance programs to protect your investment, and to ensure that your system continues to meet your needs for years to come.

Control Upgrades

HVAC automation has achieved astounding advances in the past 20 years. New Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems provide improved indoor air quality while reducing operating costs. High-efficiency chillers can also reduce the cost of air conditioning. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) can improve the efficiency of chillers and fan systems with a tremendous energy reduction. Building automation systems can give facility executives the tools they need to optimize their facility operations.

These HVAC automation technologies are are now widely used in new construction.  They have proven themselves in a range of applications and are considered fundamental in keeping a facility competitive.

An Air Conditioning retrofit is the perfect time to take advantage of new technology. To determine which technologies are appropriate and cost-effective for your application, let us take a close look at your existing facility and how it is operated.

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