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Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are common in the world today, largely because HVAC technology has become increasingly important to so many industries.

Air Balancing

Air balance is an important but often overlooked part of ensuring your building is optimized for both efficiency and personal comfort.

Sustainable Air Conditioning

Pacific West Industries has the expertise to design and install sustainable, high-performance building solutions with a focus on reduced...

HVAC Automation

Building automation offers several benefits, here are 10 reasons to use an automated system over less-sophisticated options.

Communication Protocols

Learn about communication protocols and three most popular used in today's building automation industry.

Data Center Cooling

Proper management of the data center environment is critical to the success of the business that hosts it. Assessing a micro-climate enviro

Air Flow: Server Rooms

For companies with large data centers, getting the maximum efficiency from the computer systems that manage and store the data is critical.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostat air conditioning systems maximize building efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and provide significant cost savings.

Smart Buildings

A truly smart building uses software analytics in conjunction with automated systems. This makes the building more energy efficient and ...

HVAC Controls

We build systems that reduce energy consumption, improve occupant comfort, and reduce overall operating expenses to facilities.

Archive Preservation

It is critical to the conservation of historic and artistic works to understand how environmental conditions can effect the speed at which d

Dew Point

When most people think about modifying and controlling indoor environmental conditions they typically consider temperature and humidity as t

Saving Energy Costs

Building automation control systems offer a variety of fundamental energy saving resources. The strategies built into these systems...

10 Tips to Save Energy

When you save energy, you save money. Follow these simple tips to reduce the amount of energy that your home or business uses.

Free Cooling: Air Economizers

Even in cool climates, buildings often need air conditioning systems that can reduce internal temperatures. That's because...

Water-Side Economizers

A water-side economizer is a high-efficiency option for buildings that generate cooling through the use of water or air chillers.

Geothermal Technology

As most people who have visited an underground cave understand, the temperature under the ground remains a fairly constant 45 to 75 degrees

Coil Cleaning

Cleaning Air Conditioning Coils Saves Energy, Reduces Costs and Increases Occupant Comfort. Coils are designed by engineers to correspond to

Variable Capacity Equipment

The new technology of inverter driven AC compressors will be something that all major HVAC manufacturers will develop in the near future.

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