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HVAC Automation

10 Reasons To Use Automated AC and Building Controls

Building automation uses computer systems and carefully calibrated sensors to control the systems within a building. For instance, an automated HVAC system can respond to changes in temperature and humidity to improve indoor air quality. Automated buildings also have computer systems that make it easy for personnel to control how they behave. Since the systems essentially watch over themselves, they can even alert maintenance personnel when a problem develops.

Reasons to Automate

Building automation offers several benefits, here are 10 reasons to use an automated system over less-sophisticated options.

  1. Direct digital controls (DDC) let you control your building via the Internet. That means you can take control of your building's system from practically anywhere in the world.

  2. Automated air conditioning controls require fewer personnel to monitor and maintain the systems. Even if you have a large facility, automated alerts can tell your personnel when a problem arises. Your system can also use colored graphs to make it easier for one person to manage.

  3. You save money over time with DDC. Instead of replacing expensive hardware, most DDC upgrades only need new software.

  4. Digital controls offer better accuracy than pneumatic designs. With better accuracy, you can maintain comfortable temperature levels throughout a building without losing efficiency.

  5. DDC can improve indoor air quality with demand-based ventilation controls. This can also improve efficiency throughout the building.

  6. Automated controls make it much easier to change equipment run schedules. DDC systems can operate according to complex schedules that include holidays, weekends, and other times when the system does not need to maintain a temperature that suits humans. Even more importantly, personnel can change the schedules of several buildings from a single computer.

  7. Open protocol systems can let you control all of the systems in your building from one location. That means you can operate your lighting, HVAC, and security systems from one place instead of using different software for each.

  8. Since DDC makes your system more efficient, your building can qualify for LEED certification. Your building can get more than 27 LEED points just for having DDC operations.

  9. DDC lets you keep track of your system's performance over time. That way, you can spot problems as they develop instead of waiting for them to turn into bigger, more expensive malfunctions. You can also track the temperature, fans, and indoor air quality to make more informed decisions about your HVAC system.

  10. Digital controls offer improved accuracy and dependability.

Improve Your Building's Systems

If your building does not have an automated system, then you're probably spending too much money on energy, personnel, upgrades, and maintenance. You could continue to suffer with those disadvantages, but it makes more sense to choose an automated system that will start saving you money immediately.

We offer new installations, retrofitting, and maintenance services to help clients get the most out of their HVAC systems. Even if you have an older system that just needs an upgrade, we can retrofit parts to boost the system's performance and usability. Retrofitting not only improves your system, but saves you time and money by using existing parts instead of replacing them.

With our professionals, you can benefit from the best automated systems as soon as possible. Just call us to get the job started.

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