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Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostat air conditioning systems maximize building efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and provide significant cost savings.  Managed remotely, the smart thermostat saves time and money.

When an ordinary thermostat just isn't enough for your business locations and a complete building automation system would be too expensive and complex, an energy-saving smart thermostat may be the answer.  Complete with WiFi technology, they offer commercial customer solutions to climate control issues that matter most.

Gain Control

  •      View real time performance from anywhere

  •      View historical reports on system performance

  •      Monitor numerous locations at one time

  •      Conduct remote diagnosis

  •      Modify programming

  •      Set up schedules

  •      Set up maintenance reminders

  •      Change preferences

  •      Change users and permissions

Improve Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

Monitoring the indoor environment has never been easier.  Humidity and temperature levels can be controlled from anywhere, ensuring occupancy comfort. Testing for indoor pollutants provides peace of mind that the indoor air quality (IAQ) is healthy and that the ventilation exchange system is operating at optimal levels.

Performance Optimization

Smart Thermostats combine weather data with scheduled run time and occupancy schedules to instinctively optimize system performance.

Remote Diagnostics

Using an Internet connection on a cell phone, tablet or computer, remote diagnostics alert you to system issues that can be quickly identified from anywhere.  Diagnosis reports provide the full scope of the problem and avoid unnecessary troubleshooting service calls.

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